Only Two or Three – Day 27

Wherever two or three are gathered in my name there am I in the midst of them.
Matthew 18:20
My father passed away when I was in my twenties after a long battle with cancer. Sometime later my mother shared a very sad memory with me. When Dad became too sick to be able to attend church any longer no one from our church ever brought him Communion at home. Why did that happen? Were they too busy? Were they unaware of his need? Did my parents never request a visit? We had been members of that parish for almost twenty years.
A few months ago I was asked by Ramona Chance if I would consider becoming a LEM. I responded immediately by saying, “Yes! I have always wanted to do that!” I didn’t even say, “I’ll pray about it and get back to you.”
A LEM is a lay Eucharistic minister. We assist at the altar by passing out the wine, but we also go to homes and hospitals to bring Communion to those in our church family who are unable to come to the Sunday service. That’s what I wanted to do! So I got my little home Communion kit and off I went. The experience has been so humbling for me! First, I became aware of not being prepared, mentally or spiritually. So, I’m working on that. The trip to wherever I am going is filled with prayer. I am learning the service so it becomes an avenue of blessing rather than a stumbling through an unfamiliar sequence of prayers. Next, the Holy Spirit impressed on me what I am actually doing. I am taking the “real presence” of Jesus to the sick and the isolated. That little box takes His Body and Blood out of the sanctuary and into the world. I am humbled! I go to where there are only two or three of us and there He is in the midst of us.
I think that those of us who are healthy and able maybe take the wonderful mystery of the Eucharist for granted. It’s there every Sunday and we put out our hands and receive. Sometimes we may even skip a Sunday. No big deal. I’m speaking of myself here. It’s so routine that maybe we become dulled to its miraculous beauty. Jesus offers Himself in the bread and wine in a very unique way, different than in prayer or worship or fellowship or study or even in meditation. Next Sunday, pause for a moment and become aware in your spirit of His real presence. You may see or perhaps feel in a deeper way His glory and love at the altar.
If any of you are sick and have missed communion, call us and we will come. A simple call to the church office will make us aware of your need.
I know in my heart that my father has forgiven the negligence of that church who forgot about him when they no longer saw his face on Sunday mornings. I hope my mother has forgiven too. And I pray that Servants will always be a place where we go out to those who can no longer come in, that we will go out to share the presence and love of our gracious Lord in the unique way that He commanded.
Ann Shower
Ann has been a member of Servants since 2002 when it was St. Michael’s. Some of those years were in absentia at her northern outpost in North Carolina. Besides being a LEM she is involved in SOC’s prayer ministry and also serves on the vestry. When she is not busy being the in-home grandma to her family, she loves going to the beach and traveling back to NC, and occasionally going to Alaska, even in the winter!

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