At Servants we think of missions in light of Jesus’s command in Acts 1:8b, “…you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the end of the earth.” We support each of the ministries listed below financially and, where possible, give of our time and talents to further their work. Click the ministry name to learn more.
(This page is under construction as of May 28, 2020; we anticipate full functionality by June 30, 2020.)
The Bishop Ochiel Siloam Trust
When Servants was founded in 2006, there was no national Anglican group to oversee the church. The Diocese of Southern Nyanza in Kenya under the leadership of Bishop James Ochiel took us under their wing. We still maintain close ties with Bp. James and now that he has retired as bishop, we continue to support his work in Southern Nyanza by giving to the Bp. Ochiel Siloam Trust. Some funds from Servants are used to buy and install water tanks in villages that need access to clean water; other funds from Servants provide scholarships for students to attend secondary school (high school is neither compulsory nor free in Kenya).
Loren & Linda Fox
Loren & Linda Fox are with TEAM, The Evangelical Alliance Mission. The Foxes help missionaries establish reproducing churches in locations where there is often not a church present. TEAM’s model provides levels of support for their missionaries and the Foxes provide a vital role for missionaries in the field, bringing the missionaries in occasionally for counseling, respite, and spiritual nourishment. Though we can’t share where the Foxes are currently serving, we can share that we have supported them since 2017.
Christians Concerned for the Community
Christians Concerned for the Community (CCC) partners with local churches like us, organizations, and government agencies to help meet the practical, spiritual, and human development needs of the residents of Alachua County, FL. Servants supports CCC in several ways. We financially support the ministry so that they can purchase needed items like supplies to build wheelchair ramps, accessibility equipment for in-home use, and other items that are not easily donated. Each January we collect household items to donate to CCC to distribute as need arises, and throughout the year we encourage our congregation to donate furniture and other items as they’re able. Finally, our Community Groups have held service projects to help build wheelchair ramps.
The Christian Study Center
Existing in a university town means engaging with the students in a meaningful way. The Christian Study Center brings together students, faculty, and community members to explore the intellectual and cultural resources of the Christian tradition. In cooperation with the University of Florida, the Center is able to offer seminar lectures that utilize the Christian tradition to understand and respond to challenges created by contemporary cultural change. In addition to the scholarly offerings, the Center offers hospitality to the community through Pascal’s Coffeehouse. Servants supports the work of the Center financially, but you’ll also often find our congregants at the lectures and once a year we invite the director of the Center to preach at our church.
Gainesville Community Ministry
Gainesville Community Ministry  *support financially
House of Hope
House of Hope *support financially
Sira *support financially
Young Life
Young Life  *support financially
The Mark 14:7 Ministry
Mark 14:7 Ministry
Littlewood Elementary School
Littlewood Elementary
Brent & Kim McHugh
Servants has supported Brent and Kim McHugh for over a decade. The McHughs serve with Christar and work to cultivate Christ-honoring transformation in communities where He is yet to be worshiped. They are passionate about reaching those who have never heard the Gospel and help train college graduates who want to use their professional gifts to bring Jesus into hard-to-reach places.