Welcome! We’re so glad you’re here. If you miss the live, watch the replay on YouTube. If you’re hoping to join us in person for a service, visit us at 3530 NW 8th Ave.

Friends, we want to let you know about some changes to the live stream that began June 9, 2024. On June 9, we began wrapping up the live stream at the Peace each Sunday, at the break between the Word part of the service and the Table (Eucharist) part. The reason for this is that the Eucharist is best received in embodied community and where possible, we want to make that happen. We know many of you aren’t able to come to church for various reasons, and we feel we can best care for you by offering Eucharist in person. If you live in or near the Gainesville area, visit servantsanglican.org/eucharist and complete the form linked there or call the church office at (352) 271-1188. A trained member of our EVM team or a clergy person will reach out to schedule a time to bring and share Communion with you, and pray with and for you. We hope you will take part in this important part of our community life.



  1. If the video will not play, try refreshing this page and then clicking on the video.
  2. You can watch for free, no sign up required, on YouTube at Servants of Christ Anglican Church – YouTube.
  3. If you have any issues here on the website, we’re sorry to say that help likely will not be available real-time. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Please email your issue to communications@servantsanglican.org and we will work to correct it for next week.