We have several Community Groups that meet around the city. Contact the group closest to you to get involved!


Community Group Coordinator: Libby King, gnvkings@gmail.com

Buchholz/Littlewood Area Contact: Danielle Elswick, danielleck@gmail.com
Glen Springs/Norton Area Contact: Emily Wilson, wilsonemily56@gmail.com
Downtown/Hawthorne/Southeast Area Contact Cindy Hughes-Davis, shallpass1@icloud.com
What is a Community Group?
God intends us to live out our faith in a community of other believers (Hebrews 10:25). This is usually accomplished in one of two ways: large groups (50+, typically a worship service) or small groups (3-12 people). Groups seek to strengthen a weakness of both large and small groups: mission. Community Groups are gatherings of 20-40 people of all ages. The groups meet at least once a month to fellowship and plan ways to serve together and care for one another.
As Jesus lived His earthly life, He was attractive to those around Him and was constantly drawing people to Himself. As part of their mission, Community Groups are constantly inviting new people to “taste and see that the Lord is good.” We invite newcomers, Christians seeking an outward-focused community, and those who are interested in following Jesus for the first time.
Often Jesus didn’t wait for people to come to Him, He went to where they were. He also calls us to “go…and make disciples.” Acknowledging this, our Community Groups seek to serve those outside our church. Having 20-40 people working together encourages boldness to reach out in a way that smaller groups would be intimidated to attempt. Our Community Groups generally participate in a local ministry or minister to a local school.
Think of the community group as an extended family. They’re multi-generational, always have lots of food and laughter, and offer opportunities to share our lives with each other. Community Groups should be a place of freedom to be ourselves, authentically living out our love for Jesus and each other. In our fragmented world many crave a family to belong to. We seek to include them in ours.